Italian Food Catering Houston

Prima Pasta restaurant offers you the best Italian food catering Houston. We have a wide variety of Italian catering entrees which include lasagna, spaghetti, fettuccine Alfredo, and even Italian desserts. Prima Pasta Restaurant is the best choice for catering Italian Food Houston, Midtown, Heights, and Medical Center.

Prima Pasta offers best Italian Food Catering to Houston, Midtown Houston & Medical Center Houston

At Prima Pasta Restaurant, our main goal is to satisfy every customer. Our Italian food catering service offers something for every taste.

Whether you need Italian Food Catering Service for your business meetings, or catering for family reunions, Prima Pasta is sure to provide you with the best Italian food catering and service.

Our Italian food catering menu includes everything we offer at our regular Italian menu and can serve portions of up to 50 people.

We also offer a variety of drinks to go along with your Italian food catering, so you don’t have to worry about getting everything from a different place. Prima Pasta provides you with the best quality. Best Italian food catering is our first priority. If you want the best catering service Houston, come sample our delicious menu.

Prima Pasta Restaurant’s has the best Italian food catering and has even received a letter from former Head Coach of Men’s Basketball, in which he wrote: “Excellent Italian food catered by Prima Pasta!” and thanks our Italian catering service for being the best authentic Italian food catering in town!
Prima Pasta’s Italian catering offers a wide selection of Italian catering entrees, in addition to that, we offer more simple choices like sandwiches catering, and healthy food catering choices such as fresh salads catering, salmon catering and fresh vegetables.

Our Italian food catering prices are very affordable while still delivering you the best Italian food catering. While most Italian restaurant catering services offer only a simple menu, we have a great selection of Italian pasta, meatballs and lasagna in order to give you the best Italian catering options for your gathering.

Come to Prima Pasta Italian restaurant catering to sample our delicious Italian catering menu and choose the best Italian food catering Houston!

Customer Testimonials:

Rosie M. said on April 18th 2013:

I said “OMG” three times after I tasted the “Prima Pasta with Grilled Chicken” for lunch today. My company ordered lunch for our today’s meeting from Prima Pasta Restaurant for the first time, and I can bravely say that this was the best of the best Italian Food that I’ve had in my life! I wasn’t the only one saying this and all my colleagues agreed and enjoyed the delicious Veggie Lasagna, Rainbow Salad, and Prima Pasta with Grilled Chicken. Now, let me tell you about the Dessert! They catered Homemade Tres Letches and Assorted New York Cheesecake that was out of this WORLD! I ended up leaking my plate after I had a piece of the Tres Letches, and still wanted to have more. Our company and all the employees were so impressed and happy with the service, quality, and quantity of the food that Prima Pasta Restaurant catered to us today and we all definitely will order food for our future events and take our family and friends to this restaurant to find out about the real taste of Italian Food in Houston:)

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