Prima Pasta Offers Vegetarian Food Houston Veggie Lovers Will Enjoy

Prima Pasta is no ordinary Houston Italian restaurant in that it offers unique classic Italian dishes that are perfectly prepared using a wide variety of recipes from some of the finest and most respected Italian chefs. In fact, those that enjoy vegetarian food in Houston will feel right at home with Prima Pasta’s selection of vegetarian food dishes that are all delectable and delicious. Taking vegetarian food to an entirely new level with Italian recipes is what Prima Pasta does best.

Quality Italian Food For Family Gatherings

Serving a wide range of patrons from Midtown Houston to those working at the medical center in Houston as well as others around Houston and the surrounding communities, Prima Pasta has grown to become one of the more popular Italian restaurants in the region. Having served the Houston area since the 1980s, Prima Pasta has a reputation for providing quality Italian food for family gatherings, business events and celebrations. In addition, those wishing to enjoy the unique Prima Pasta dining experience in the form of catering always have that option available to them.

Exceeds The Expectations Of Diners

With the popularity of vegetarian food growing in recent years, having an excellent Italian restaurant to turn to for a variety of vegetarian dishes is comforting for vegetarians living in the Houston area. With a warm and friendly staff and an impressive menu, Prima Pasta consistently exceeds the expectations of diners. Few other Houston Italian restaurants in the region can compare when it comes to delicious Italian dishes offered at great prices. Offering unique cuisine that is based on rich traditions from old-Italy, Prima Pasta provides exceptionally delicious dishes inspired by some of the finest chefs in the world.

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6811 Kirby Dr
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7 days a week
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